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Session #5: Tourism & Ethnic/Indigenous Community Development II

10 August 2011, Wednesday, PM

1. Amy Louise Bott and Stephen Wearing (University of Technology-Sydney, Australia):

"Exploring new paradigms: the evolving relationship between protected area management, tourism and communities in World Heritage areas"

2. Emmy Yeung and John Ap (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong):

"The transformation of heritage building into tourism products: Perspectives from residents"

3. Travis Klingberg (University of Colorado at Boulder, USA):

"Independent tourism, the nature destination, and the future of tourism development in western China"

4. Chenyu Shan (Bournemouth University, UK):

"Understanding the behavior, motivation and satisfaction of Chinese coastal visitors: A case study of Rushan in China"

5. Esther Bott (University of Nottingham, UK):

"Pushing the envelope: Climbing tourism in Jordan's Wadi Rum"

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