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Session #4: The Representation of Phantasmal Destinations

9 August 2011, Tuesday, PM

1. Zhaorong Peng and Rongling Ge (Xiamen University, China):

"The rightfulness of tourism as an other in China"

2. Desmond Wee (Keimyung University, Korea):

"Reversing gazes, performing identities, touring Martin Parrs"

3. Lu Jin (Xiamen University, China):

"The ecomuseum as a phantasmal destination in China: Divergent imaginaries of Minzu, officials and tourists to an ethnic village"

4. Rami Isaac and Vincent Platenkamp (NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands):

"Concrete utopia in Palestine: The house of Clair Anastas"

5. Elizabeth Carnegie (Sheffield University, UK):

"From Bannockburn to Brigadoon? Re-constructing Scottishness within the New World"

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