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Session #1: Images, Imageries, & Imagination in Tourism

9 August 2011, Tuesday, PM

1. Fang Lu (Yunnan University of Nationalities, China):

"The photographers in the ethnic tourism: A case study in Hongwan Village, Mile, Yunnan, PRC"

2. Kevin Meethan (University of Plymouth, UK):

"Travellers tales of the exotic and the tourist imaginary: Travel blogs and expert opinion in tourism"

3. Jun Shao (Peking University, China), Ulrike Gretzel (University of Wollongong, Australia) and Bihu Wu (Peking University, China):

"Imagined destinations of media-induced tourists in China"

4. Martin C. Kao (Providence University, Taiwan):

"Does political party preference influence tourist destination image?"

5. Lina Tegtmeyer (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany): "Theorizing a culture of capitalism: Tourism and neoliberalism in visual culture of contemporary urban tourism in the United States"

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