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Session #6: Postmodern Tourism & Existential Authenticity II

10 August 2011, Wednesday, PM

1. Miranda Cornelisse (NHTV University of Applied Sciences Breda, The Netherlands):

"Authentic tourist experiences in Vicos Peru"

2. Sheng Zhong (Wuhan University, China):

"Sacred journey: Pilgrim tourism experience in Tibet"

3. Jan te Kloeze (The Netherlands):

"Tourism and religion: A hostile relationship?"

4. Shalini Singh (Brock University, Canada) and M. Das (Mount Saint Vincent University, Canada):

"Shangri-La amidst anomie: Case of the Buddhist WHS of Bodhgaya"

5. Ming-Feng Huang and Carl Cater (University of Wales, UK):

"Perspective of specialization in mountain hiking in Taiwan: The view from the top"

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