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1. RC50 Event Partnership with Mobilities,
the Bauman Institute, University of Leeds, UK

RC50 in Collaboration with the Mobilities Research Area, the Bauman Institute, Sociology and Social Policy, University of Leeds, UK. CRITICAL MOBILITIES THEORY BAUMAN INSTITUTE, 2021-2022 SEMINAR MINISERIES: Interrogating criticality in tourism analysis (November 2021-May 2022) Over the last few decades, criticality has acted as a yardstick for the production of social research that engages with the ecumenical and the local dimensions of social phenomena and problems. For a field that was built on social and cultural praxis, critical thinking has always implied critical doing as a way of facing the world ‘out there’ as a scholar or a policymaker. This constancy also features in more interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary fields, such as that of travel theory and tourism analysis, in which to be ‘critical’ can mean anything from being activistic to being polemical in one’s analytical and methodological tools. This short seminar series concentrates on contemplative/polemical criticality in tourism analysis. Presenters discuss their views on the status of the field, the challenges critical analysis posits and the promises it upholds for the making of a more just world. The speakers present their own research on these issues as cases in point, inviting audiences to engage in a debate on the significance of what is called ‘the critical turn in tourism studies’. PROGRAMME Seminar One: "The Tourism Archive as Economic and Intellectual Infrastructure: Notes on Train Maya, Mexico" (2 November 2021 @16:00-17:30). Matilde Córdoba Azcárate Assistant Professor, Department of Communication, University of California, San Diego ( Seminar Two: "Territories, Biopolitics and Tourism : Moving Subjectivities in Place" (8 March 2022, @16:00-17:30). Dominic Lapointe, Professor, Département d'études urbaines et touristiques, University of Quebec, Montreal, Canada. Seminar Three: "Unlonely Planet: Entangling for Good in Tourism Nature Cultures" (31 May 2022, @16:00-17:30). Kellee Caton, Professor, Thompson Rivers University (


Adam DOERING, Wakayama University, Japan,

Communications & Promotions Officer

Rodanthi TZANELLI University of Leeds, UK,

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