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3. RC50 Event Partnership with Tourism, Travel & Heritage Research GroupLiverpool John Moores, UK

RC50 in Collaboration with Tourism, Travel, Culture & Heritage Research Group Symposium 3rd and 4th of July At the Intersections of Travel Panel: 4th of July The world-making and past-making power of tourism – thinking imaginatively after Keith Hollinshead The world-making and past-making power of tourism – thinking imaginatively is a celebration of Keith Hollinshead’ s research and ideas. Inspired by one of his recent works (Hollinshead, 2021), thinking imaginatively is an invitation to push the horizons of thinking towards a more open, fluid, protean and vital imagination about the peoples, places, pasts, and presents which intersect with tourism. A panel of scholars whose research was either co-authored or inspired by Keith will delve into a discussion of his rich legacy of ideas, conceptualisations and imaginations. In particular, conversations will explore Hollinshead’s themes of world-making and past-making in relation to tourism and heritage studies. The guiding question informing the panel discussion will be: what does it mean to think imaginatively in tourism and heritage? HOLLINSHEAD, K., 2021. Thinking Imaginatively via Generative Vitality in Tourism Studies (After Deleuze). Journal of Tourismology, 7(2), pp.149-170.


Adam DOERING, Wakayama University, Japan,

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Rodanthi TZANELLI University of Leeds, UK,

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